Telemedicine Outreach During COVID

Cambodia has been forgotten. 

The Covid-19 infection is raging inside the country and the border is still closed. Now, the needs for medical care in developing countries are  greater. We are organizing a telemedicine platform so Phoenix International doctors can continue to care for Cambodians even when we can not visit  personally.

Current situation in Cambodia

Cambodia reported very few COVID cases to the WHO; however, according to our friends on the ground, there are increased number of unexplained death from the local hospitals. Due to the inefficient health care system in Cambodia, it is widely believed that there are inadequate testing and under reporting of COVID cases. Cambodia is currently in a lock down, and international NGO are prohibited to enter high infection areas to provide aids.  Many areas are isolated and in desperate need of help. Phoenix International Foundation with your help would like to continues our medical outreach via telemedicine.

Our wish list:

Sojro Telemedicine Kit -This innovative telemedicine kit opens a new world of medical care for people living in remote communities with limited access to health services. This kit includes a telemedicine devices, access to telemedicine apps and a variety of services, including: a secure platform for uploading images and seeking consultations from specialists in other parts of the world; access to e-training; and one-on-one medical consultation via video conference. With an wifi card, we are able to provide care to anywhere with wireless data signal is available.

Each kit contains:
Dermascope (Wired- Sojro brand)
ENT scope (Wired- Sojro brand)
Vital Signs Monitor with ECG
Android Tablet
eSteth Lite Digital Stethoscope
MDConsults Telemedicine Software
Wireless keyboard and Mouse
Power Bank
Briefcase style with hard cover

59496463_1631145463863806_r.pngOur local partner Pastor Sophy , president of the Methodist in Cambodia,  and his team will act as the facilitators and travel to rural villages to set up telemedicine station. When we do, we can provide desperately needed medical care to remote villages outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Currently, villagers all over the country are suffering from common tropical infections, musculoskeletal ailment due to chronic overuse, diabetes, hypertension and gastrointestinal diseases.  We will link them with our volunteer medical providers to provide check up, treat acute illnesses, and to monitor ongoing chronic diseases.

Your donation will help us purchase 2 telemedicine units. This units will be deployed to the Siem Reap and Oddar Meancheay regions.




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